Little Brother – 12 Days of Getback (2007)

It never fails, I put my MediaMonkey library on shuffle and I hear music I forgot I downloaded or bought long ago.

Today, it was was the 2007 MySpace exclusive 12 Days of Getback from Little Brother.

Season’s greetings?

Shortly after their 3rd album Getback was released, Phonte dropped alternate/outtake versions of all 11 tracks on Little Brother’s MySpace blog. He also wrote some background info on each of the tracks. The blog is long gone, but I wish I archived posts because there were a ton of gems, music and non-music related. I remember crossing my fingers hoping there would be some unreleased joints in the 12 Days. Namely, “Second Chances” a song featuring Bilal and Darien Brockington. If memory serves me correctly, it was listed on an “Australian version” of Getback but nobody knew if it really existed. It eventually saw the light of day on their final album Leftback.

Eventually there were no new tracks, but we did get was the 11 alternates/outtakes, streamed above for your listening pleasure.



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