My People: A Reflection On The Events in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis

I often utilize my blog, podcasts, and social media accounts as conduits to delve into trivial topics, for lack of a better term. Sports, music, pop culture, the lighter side of life that keeps us entertained and temporally detached from the stresses of life. But the recent police-involved shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, nationwide protests, and daily race discussions  have ignited me to post about a serious matter.

Earlier this week, I recorded an episode of HBCU Voice with Jonathan Alexander and Trent Little. We discussed the most recent murders of black men by police and the impact on society. For the first time I openly questioned my mortality in relation to interactions with police. How do we safely navigate our day to day lives as 20-something year old black men? Other talking points were the Black Lives Matter movement, social responsibility among athletes, and Wendy Williams’ comments about HBCUs.

After we recorded the show I sat down and finished up some work and listened to my iTunes library. Dwele’sMy People” shuffled into my headphones. In the song the Detroit crooner juxtaposes the current racial climate (circa 2005) to 1963. The song is open to interpretation, but most importantly very poignant. It’s also apropos for the conversation I had just an hour prior. Another coincidence was I made the previous post of “My People” 6 years ago yesterday. I guess sometimes we’re just galvanized to express thoughts at the right time…


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