$pitta [MIX] by DJ Trill Mil


It Starts
Title Track
Life Under The Scope
Spit Vicious
Prioritize (Beeper Bill)
Michael Knight
Pot Jar
Glass House
Audio Dope
Audio Dope II
Drive By

“Like a 7 foot center Spitta don’t gotta crossover/I just stay in the lane/showoff dunks and hang from goals obtained, planes boarded…”

That line from “Sail On” is Curren$y in a nutshell. You know what you’ll get from Spitta, top flight production, weed influenced lyrics, car talk, women, and lavish depictions of worldwide travels. I’d call him a flashier Devin the Dude, if you’re not familiar with his catalog. if you want something outside what he’ been dropping since 06, go elsewhere.

I’ll admit there have been instances where his music has got redundant and I had to fall back, but the consistency keeps me checking out his new material.

The homie DJ Trill Mil dropped a 21 minute mix of his favorite Spitta tracks. I can’t say I would even be listening to Spitta if it wasn’t for Mil. I was burning Curren$y CDs for him and decided to listen to Super Tecmo one day. Damn near eight years later and my hard drive is loaded with 2.6 GB of Curren$y related material.

Listen/Download above!



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