A Kobe/Nas Discussion

Not Nas and Jay or Kobe and MJ. This episode of the Rome Brown Show was a look at Kobe and Nas and one song in particular.

I was joined by my homie Nick FC, a lifelong Lakers fan and connoisseur of rap music. We chop it up often thru texts about everything related to sports, music, and life in general. Due to his background and my interest in one Nas song in particular, plus the recent news of Kobe Bryant’s impending retirement I decided to record a discussion episode.

We juxtaposed Kobe Bryant’s career, pre 2003-04, the season he was involved in a trial for allegedly raping a Colorado hotel employee and a 2004 Nas song “These Are Our Heroes” which lambasted Kobe for being a jigaboo and spoof among other unsavory descriptions. Do people of a certain age (21 and under) even know Kobe’s reputation before the case? Was Nas correct in his assertions and criticism of Kobe?

Nick and me discussed this and more in this episode of The Rome Brown Show.

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