The website is 6 Years Old!


Six years ago today, I started a blog. It all started as a class project and quickly morphed into a site to share what I was listening to, my love for samples, and showcase burgeoning artists.

6 years later, a college graduate, steady making my mark on the world, I look back at how I’ve changed from a 19 year old to a 25 year old and it’s all in the posts. As I said 3 years ago simply publishing this blog was an achievement for me. I read back on posts nostalgically, thinking about what I was doing, the songs I was listening to, the people I was associating myself with. From an introspective view, I see how I documented attempts to conquer character flaws and progress everyday. Even if you don’t publish a blog or write for others to see, it’s truly a healthy emotional release.

The site has expanded to sports, current events, with randomness sprinkled in. I was motivated to start a new podcast, The Rome Brown Show, and in short time since I’ve started it, it’s provided me new opportunities, allowed me to meet great people offline, and has been a catalyst in expanding my knowledge base.

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If this is your first time reading the site or if you’ve stumbled upon one of my links over the past 1,826 days, I appreciate you reading and checking out my content. Just one view of a post motivates me to continue writing and the opportunity to introduce people to a new artist or something they didn’t know never gets old.

As always, the site is a work in progress from a content and visual standpoint. I’ve updated to a new theme and will be dropping new content the remainder of the year and into 2016.

Thanks for reading!


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