The Rome Brown Show: Episode 6 – LeVelle Moton Episode [Part 1 of 2]

For this episode, I was joined by two co-hosts, Aaron Saunders and Jonathan Alexander. Our guest was Head Men’s Basketball Coach at North Carolina Central University, LeVelle Moton. The candid conversation, split into two parts, broached a number of hot button points on the college basketball landscape.

For Part 1, the topics ranged from the 2015-16 team, Moton’s recruiting philosophy, the value (or lack thereof) of postseason conference tournaments, and the difficulties of scheduling as top mid-major program.

If you’re a supporter of NCCU or not this was definitely an insightful look into the world of college basketball.

Subscribe to the podcast and check back tomorrow, October 27 at 11AM EST for Part 2 of the interview.

Coach Moton on Social Media

NCCU Basketball


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