#TBT Edition of The Rome Brown Show


This is a special Throwback Thursday Edition of the podcast!

Rewind to early 2011. I was focused on growing the blog, gearing up for 2nd semester of my junior year of college, and overall just optimistic about life in general. I was heavily interested in honing my writing and audio production skills so I came up with an idea, start a podcast.

Before The Rome Brown Show was birthed, there was Product of My Opinion Radio, I only recorded two episodes and this was the first of the two. I talked about my five favorite projects from 2010 and included a 16 song mix of songs from 2010 and other years as well. I can’t recall why I fell off, but with The Rome Brown Show I’m invested in staying consistent and working towards creating a great show.

Hop in the time machine and check this episode out!


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