The Rome Brown Show: Episode #1 – Former NFL DT Jonathan Lewis

I’ve hosted and appeared on podcasts in the past, but recently I’ve had the itch to start my own podcast again and do it proper. To scratch that itch, I’ve started The Rome Brown Show. The podcast will primarily be an interview style show, with interviews of music artists, athletes, graphic designers, TV/film professionals, and people in all walks of life with unique stories. I’ll also upload mixes similar to my Sample of the Day posts, so expect a variety of dope content in the future.

For the first episode, I called up former NFL defensive tackle Jonathan Lewis, a 6th round pick by the Arizona Cardinals in 2006. He talked the transition from high school to college to the NFL, handling finances as a pro athlete, and the possibly of compensation of NCAA athletes. He also shared an interesting story about a recruiting trip to the University of Miami (FL) in 2001. It was an all around, in depth, insightful interview from a guy who wasn’t a star in the league but had a career filled with unique experiences.

Click the link above to subscribe to the podcast on Soundcloud.


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