The Celebration Bowl will be broadcast on ABC

cbabcFirst off, I have an admission. I’ve slightly changed my mind on the Celebration Bowl.

As much as I stand firm on my opinion and point of view, I’m never hesitant to admit when I’m wrong.

Since, my first post about the Celebration Bowl I’ve learned more facts in regards to potential payout, which schools voted for and against the bowl, etc. With yesterday’s news of the game being broadcast on ABC, I’ve softened my criticism a tad. Unquestionably, this will be great exposure for the two competing schools, the conferences, and HBCUs as a whole. I can’t say anything negative about that at all.

From a competitive standpoint, I’m still against the bowl, I’d like to see the champions of the respective conferences in the FCS playoffs, but that ship has sailed. The main thing I’m interested to see at this point is how advertising, marketing, and the overall buildup of the surrounding festivities will be. If this game is to be a success in 2015 and beyond the entire experience has to be sold.

I live in Atlanta so I’ll keep a keen eye on marketing efforts to the HBCU demographic and even non traditional fans. There are a number of avenues to reach supporters of college football in Atlanta and the region and hopefully they’ll be explored. Gameday (Dec. 19) lands on a sweet spot on the calendar, a couple weeks after Conference championship games and before most major FBS bowl games. There are plenty of advantages for this bowl. The execution just has to be there.

I’m rooting for the success of this game and for my alma mater to make it to Atlanta on Dec. 19

Let’s see how it turns out…


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