2015 NBA Finals Prediction

Credit: NBA on ESPN Instagram

I didn’t find time to preview the previous series between the Cavs and my hometown Hawks, but the way that ended I don’t know if my prediction would’ve mattered.

With the Finals tipping off on Thursday, I felt a preview the Cavs/Warriors series was necessary.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have handily disposed of opponents in the playoffs, solely on the back off…

The team’s two other stars Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, have endured injuries forcing LeBron to carry the squad similar to his first run with with the Cavs. To put it succinctly, for the Cavs to have a chance against Golden State it’ll come down to the supporting cast of Tristan Thompson, Timofey Mozgov, JR Smith, and Iman Shumpert to step up and carry some of the load. A healthy Kyrie Irving will work wonders and put some pressure on Stephen Curry. LeBron will have to have a series of his life for Cleveland to win.

Golden State

The Warriors aren’t the Hawks, Bulls, or Celtics, the Cavaliers previous 3 opponents. There’s a reason the Warriors are in the Finals. The team finished the regular season with the NBA’s best record (67-15), boast the league’s MVP, Stephen Curry, and a legitimate 9 man rotation. With LeBron being the main threat, they can throw 3 or 4 quality defenders to slow him down a bit. If their defense is on point and Curry & co are clicking on all cylinders offensively, there’s no way i can see Golden State losing this series.

I’m predicting the Warriors taking the series, 4-1.


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