Sample of the Day: One Woman Man

CyHi The Prynce released Black History Project 2 a few weeks ago. I spoke glowingly about the first edition in my 2014 favorites. This tape was a little bit different from what i expected from a theme standpoint. There was no social commentary, history based songs, or soul stirring joints like “Mandela,” but it still contained the focused material CyHi has had on his past few projects. Outside of Mannie Fresh and Organized Noise, the production was from a cast of new names and they all held their own. It’s definitely one of my favorite projects from the first quarter of 2015.

One of the standout tracks was “One Woman Man” which interpolated the song of the same name by former Blackstreet singer Dave Hollister.

Check it out…

Dave Hollister – One Woman Man

Prod by. Tec Beatz,  Brandon Black, Jeff Leahr, Jethroe, and Treyshotya


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