Twelve Pack Vol. 1 [Jan 16, 2015]

Jan1612pckTwelve Pack Vol. 1 [Jan 16, 2015]

I’m introducing a new feature to the blog called the Twelve Pack. Just a randomly selected (oxymoron, I know) dozen tracks from my music library. It’ll cross all genres, years, moods, or any other qualifier you put on music.



1 Eric Tagg – Got To Be Lovin You
2 Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – Cybernaut
3 Melo-X – Handle It
4 King Fantastic – Guide To Safely Petting Cougars
5 Foreign Exchange ft. Sy Smith – Right After Midnight
6 Project Pat – Choose U
7 Jean Carn – Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
8 Junior – Mama Used To Say
9 Vikter Duplaix – Lust For Life
10 Moka Only – Love Comes
11 Nipsey Hussle – A Miracle
12 Nate Dogg – Because I Got A Girl


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