Dexter Wansel’s Life On Mars aka A Sampling Gold Mine

Time to drop this post off about…

“…where my roots at”

While brainstorming my next post, that line (the latter) from Big Boi’s “West Savannah” replayed in my head. I haven’t made a sample based post since I resumed writing in August. After all, my affinity for sampling sparked the creation of this blog some five years ago.

Coincidentally, I listened to Dexter Wansel’s 1976 jazz fusion album Life On Mars and found some inspiration.

I could think of nearly 10 songs off top that sampled the first two tracks, “A Prophet Named KG” and “Life On Mars.” I got to the 3rd track “Together Once Again” and about six or seven seconds in I recognized it as the sample from Panacea’s “Epiphany.”

Check the WhoSampled page of Dexter Wansel and you’ll see the entire Life On Mars album has been sampled countless times. Just shows how an album can continue to maintain popularity through the art of sampling.

2af18-aaaDexter Wansel – Together Once Again



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