Somethin’ Light: 4 Random Links

Unashamedly, I spend a lot of time scouring the Internet reading, watching, and listening about music, sports, and current events. Here are a few links to material I’ve checked out this week.

N.O. Joe on the All Out Show [Shade 45]

October 18 marked twenty years since the release of Scarface’s The Diary. I watched a video of him and producer N.O. Joe reflecting on the creation of the album and wondered aloud “I want to hear an N.O. Joe interview.” It turns out he hopped on the All Out Show with Rude Jude last month and talked about his come up and production of classic tracks from Scarface, UGK, and a host of others. I’m a little disappointed his production of AZ’s “Doe or Die” wasn’t mentioned. Still, a great interview from a truly underrated producer.

I watched the old Unsung Episode featuring Zapp a couple months ago and found myself in a Zapp phase. Banging their old classics and reading up on their music. Roger Troutman, the front man and most famous member of the group influenced the creation of G-Funk and some of rap’s most notable producers. In this 1987 interview on Video Soul, he talks about his trademark talkbox and getting past the stigma of “not being good without it.” It’s also funny how Donnie Simpson brought up naysayers’ opinion of the talkbox. Sounds a lot of what T-Pain faced and is still facing with his use of Auto Tune. That NPR Tiny Desk Concert  might’ve put some of those questions to rest though.

How In The Hell Did NFL Blitz Ever Get Made?

One of my favorite video games from my childhood was thisclose to not coming out. This in depth article talks about the creation of the game and how developers made subtle tweaks to gain NFL approval.

The Combat Jack Show! My favorite podcast! This week, Combat and Premium Pete welcomed Waah Dean of the Ruff Ryders to the podcast. His story and that of the Double R conglomerate is pretty interesting.


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