In Rotation: DJ Quik and Remy Shand

image_1DJ Quik – Rhythm-al-ism (Full Album Stream)

Remy Shand – The Way I Feel (Full Album Stream)

I picked up my car from getting repaired earlier today, and what a great feeling it was. Ten days without probably undoubtedly my most prized material possession was tough, but I made through! After picking it up, there was no better feeling than being able to drive around in a clean whip, with the windows down, listening to two of my favorite albums. I usually play my music thru my phone and the AUX input, but today I had to go “old school” and throw in two CDs.

In today’s rotation: Rhythm-al-ism by DJ Quik and The Way I Feel by Remy Shand.

It’s a shame I haven’t written much about DJ Quik, but I’ve come to appreciate his body of work over the past 5-6 years and he’s become one of my go to artists to listen to. Over a quarter century into his career and he’s still creating. His most recent album The Midnight Life was released two weeks ago. It’s hard to pick a favorite album, because all of his albums have the undeniable funk and the patented flexatone, but along with Way 2 Fonky and Safe + Sound, Rhythm-al-ism is firmly in my top 3 favorite DJ Quik albums.

I’ve written about Remy Shand in the past and his disappearance from the music scene. He reappeared last year with new songs on Bandcamp and a social media presence on Twitter. The Way I Feel is an overlooked and underrated gem from the early 2000s wave of R&B acts. I put Remy Shand’s album up there with the releases of Jill Scott, Musiq, D’Angelo, Bilal and others from the 2000-04 time period. Timeless music!


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