Could It Be L.O.V.E?


A few weekends ago, I hit a few of my favorite music stores around Atlanta. I came across some old classics I didn’t have in CD format and I also bought a few I had never heard in their entirety. One album was Jazzanova’s In Between Us. The 2002 debut album from the German nu jazz outfit featured artists from all over the world and a variety of genres. “L.O.V.E. And You & I” is by far the album’s standout track and also my favorite. Featuring an auditory collage of samples,  the song satiated my need to constantly hear jazz and soul joints.

A year after In Between UsJazzanova Remixed was released and included remixes from the 2002 original. Naturally, a song that stood out to me was Madlib’s remix of “L.O.V.E.” The remix didn’t sound much different, but Madlib definitely added his unique touch. Chill in the crib, roll the windows down in the whip, and cool out to this!


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