I’m on Hiatus (Kaiyote)

Hiatus Kaiyote – Tawk Tomahawk

The title of this post has a couple meanings, but more on that later,

Most importantly, the first meaning, which has to do with Hiatus Kaiyote.

Apparently I must’ve been in an elongated slumber, because the EP dropped last April. I’ve given it a year’s worth of listening in the past week though. The Australian group describes their sound as “future soul” with their infusion of  R&B and with some Massive Attack sounding production and instrumentation. Lead vocalist Nai Palm has a voice unmistakably reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse. Listen to this album on quality speakers and you won’t be disappointed.

The EP was streaming on their Bandcamp as recently as last week, but with the recent announcement of a US tour and official re-release of the project, it’s now gone. I won’t leave without dropping a few standouts though. 

A few of my favorites included their most popular song “Nakamarra,” “Malika,” and “The World It Softly Lulls.”

Now, on to the other hiatus….

The real hiatus.

Next time I post something on romebrown.com, it probably won’t pertain to music and the site will have a brand new look. I’m taking a break from posting for while. But for anybody who’s read the site, commented, or hit me up through other means over the past 3+ years I appreciate it a lot.

Until next time….


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