Live Wires Connect

UGK ft. Keith Murray and Lord Jamar – Live Wires Connect
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What happened to movie soundtracks?

In the 90’s they often featured collaborations by artists they wouldn’t happen because of scheduling conflicts and label politics among a host of of other factors. For some movies, the accompanying soundtrack was a branch to the plot, time period, and characters.

If you’ve seen the Wayans’ 1996 hood movie parody, Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, you’ve probably heard UGK’s “Live Wires Connect” in the opening scene of the movie. It’s one of those soundtrack gems that often gets overlooked when observing the breadth of UGK’s catalog. This song was also significant because their collaboration with Lord Jamar and Keith Murray was one of their earliest with New York artists.

Back to the archives: I also talked about the disappearance of movie soundtracks in an episode of Product of My Opinion Radio in 2011.



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