Go ahead, Steal This Album!

The Coup – Me and Jesus The Pimp in a 79 Granada Last Night

I was listening to this album the other night and contemplating writing a post solely about one of the songs, but I was enjoying all 14 tracks. So I said hell, I might as well write about the whole album.

The first thing that catches you is the title of the album, which is actually homage to a anti-government book by Abbie Hoffman. I also interpreted the title as encouragement to pilfer this album. If memory serves me correctly I bought the album in a $5 used CD bin a few years ago though.
There were a good number of songs that deserve in-depth analysis, “Me and Jesus The Pimp,” “Cars & Shoes”,”Sneakin In,” and on and on. It’s just the album as a whole is too interesting to ignore. It’s unmistakably quirky, switching from hilarious skits and topics to serious from track to track. As with all projects from The Coup you hear the funk inspired production and the socio-political messages that makes Boots Riley and the notable.

Check out “Me and Jesus The Pimp in a 79 Granada Last Night” and watch the video too.


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