"Player’s Ball" was a Christmas song

It’s not really common knowledge, but “Player’s Ball” by OutKast was originally a Christmas song for the LaFace Family Christmas album. Organized Noize producer Rico Wade explained it in a feature on Complex earlier this year:

“Players Ball’ was for a Christmas album, so when [LaFace Records co-founder] L.A. Reid called me he was like, ‘I need y’all to do a Christmas song.’ And we had just kind of got the LaFace deal with OutKast, and this was the first thing he called and asked for.

“Thing is, we don’t really fuck with Christmas like that. That’s where we were at the time, we were on some, ‘Christmas is not one day out the year, it’s every day.’ For us, it was just about being realistic. People get caught up in the excitement of, ‘I got to buy this, I got to do this and that” and they lose they mind.
“Our thing was, why wait till a certain time of the year? Every day you need to do something. And if it was Jesus birthday, of course it would be cool, but since we know it’s not, whatever.

“But anyway, I told OutKast, ‘We gotta do a Christmas, song but we’ll just talk about what we don’t do on Christmas, or what it means to us.’ And while we were in the studio working on it, I had to go meet Ray at another session, cause he was working on a song for this group called The Drip Drop.

“I went over to the studio and I heard the beat he was doing. We took that beat and took it to the studio and turned it up. We ended up using that for ‘Players Ball.’ There were samples at the beginning, and we were like, ‘We know we can’t clear these samples’ so that’s when we got Big Rube to talk on the beginning. But that song ended up jumping off OutKast’s career.”

Just figured I’d share some knowledge on a hip-hop classic. 


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