Pimp C on "Deep N Da Game"

Pimp C – Deep N Da Game (Top Notch Hoes Mix)

December 4, 2007 isn’t as well known in rap circles as September 13, 1996 or March 9, 1997, the untimely deaths of  2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G., respectively. But, Pimp C’s death five years ago affected me, because at the time I was just getting into UGK’s catalog and hearing more about Pimp C’s production and solo work.

Throughout his career and posthmously Pimp C gained a reputation for his unfiltered comments on the rap industry and life in general. His famous “Atlanta ain’t the South” radio interview on 107.9 back in 2007, is still a favorite to this day.

Another favorite “Pimp C-ism” was on “Deep N Da Game” from the Trill Azz Mixez mixtape when he took shots at The Roots.

If you watch the video for “What They Do” by The Roots, you can quickly onbserve that they were  parodying the rap videos of the time. Pimp C felt they were dissing some of his friends and rebutted.

Over the the instrumental he produced for “Top Notch Hoes” (originally by 3re Tha Hardaway) he shot back with these memorable lyrics:

I saw yo video nigga, sound like you dissin my friends
How the fuck we played ourself our CDs always sell out
Y’all niggas fuck BET cuz they ain’t down with the South
They play they videos everyday sold 50,000 ????
Y’all bitches act like y’all don’t know me, bitch I always go gold
Pussy niggas play the role, niggas mad cuz I made it
Cuz we be livin like stars, comin down on 20-inch blades
Bitch nigga get some nuts, bitch nigga say my name
We ain’t got no time to be guessin and playin no pussy ass games
What they do, what they do, nigga was corny as fuck
You gets no play in that Texas, yo shit don’t bump in the trunk

While, Pimp C’s shots were unashamedly brash and vile, The Roots could’ve been talking about a number of artists or groups. But, hearing that song always reminds me Pimp C was one of the most outspoken and respected names in hip-hop and still is to this day. Five years after his death and his influence can be seen in the styles and lyrics of a number of artists. It shows that just like life, styles and trends in my rap music are cyclical.

R.I.P. Pimp C


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