3 Years of Product of My Opinion

photo via adenabebe.com
Outasight – On My Way

Everybody put 3 fingers in the air! It’s not HiiiPOWER, it’s 3 years of Product of My Opinion.

It all started November 30, 2009. Just an idea, the result of cancelling out procrastination and pursuing productivity. I never knew 3 years later I would still be posting. Product of My Opinion may not be the most visually appealing blog, it may not have the sharpest writing, and it might not get updated as often as other sites, but it has definitely been an avenue to other opportunities in the 36 months since I posted the “In My Whole Body” sample.

When I think about all this blog has done for me and what it continues to do I think about the chorus of “On My Way” by Outasight.
I’m on my way 
I’m not sure how the rest goes 
Soon as I do, I’ll let you know

There’s no telling if I’ll still be posting regularly a year from now or even a few weeks for now. But, for someone out there who’s reading this don’t hesitate to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do and never be afraid to fail. I was apprehensive about starting this blog, but I went through with it and I’m glad I did.

For anybody who’s read, commented, or stumbled across my work on other sites I appreciate taking your time to visit the site.

I’m on my way…


2 thoughts on “3 Years of Product of My Opinion

  1. It's a lot of work you've put into this blog, hope it keeps bringing you the reward you say it has so far. It would be interested to read a more in-depth piece with more of your own personal opinions, sort of following on from your Introduction section. But the main thing is to just keep doing what you feel like doing!

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