Looking Back: 5 Years Since Little Brother’s Getback

On October 23, 2007 Little Brother released their 3rd album Getback on ABB Records.

Even this wasn’t their final album, I refer to it as such. I try to forget Leftback ever happened.

I look back fondly on this album not just because it was by one of my favorite groups, but also because of the lengths I went just to LISTEN to this album. I had recently acquired my truck from OG Rome Brown. His main entertainment while driving is talk radio, which meant I wasn’t gifted with a CD player when the truck was passed down. I also didn’t have the bread to get one installed so I had to come up with an ingenious plan. I went home the night I bought the album, made sure the house was quiet and played the CD audio while dubbing it onto a cassette tape. So for about a month I was enjoying the sounds of LB on the cassette player in my truck.

“I’m not no shame in my game” (c) Fleece Johnson

Looking back chronologically at their albums, The Listening was the “hustling, working a 9-5, and  rapping to get a deal” album. The Minstrel Show was the manifestation of those efforts, and Getback was the “we’ve had the taste of a major label, it wasn’t for us, now let’s move on with our lives” album.

Getback marked growth and change for Little Brother. It was the first album after producer 9th Wonder’s split with the group. The split left fans wondering what direction their sound would take without 9th’s soul samples and reconizable drums. Illmind, Khrysis, along with Zo! and few others produced songs on Getback.

 “Sirens” led the off and touched on social issues in the black community and the blame often placed on rappers. “After the Party” and the Hi-Tek produced “Step It Up” were the “life in your 20s grown man rap song” and reinforced Phonte and Big Pooh’s reputation as rappers everybody could relate to. Then there were tracks like “Dreams” and “That Ain’t Love” which provided sobering and candid perspectives of life and relationships respectively. “When Everything Is New” put the bow on the album and rests in the top 10 of my favorite LB songs. In essence, a recap of the LB story from 2001-07 and the beginning of a new chapter.

It’s been a couple years since Tay and Pooh hit the stage together as Little Brother, but Getback is a firm display of the chemistry they carried on in the 3 years they kept the group going without 9th.

Bonus: 12 Days of Getback

This collection of songs was released in December 2007 on MySpace along with a background on the making of all 11 songs on the album.


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