5 Albums/Mixtapes from September

The month of October marks the beginning of the 4th quarter, quite possibly the most heavily anticipated three months of music releases each year.

Don’t sleep on September though. The 9th month of the year had a good number of albums & mixtapes that warranted a listen.

Read on for five releases from September worth checking out.


Release Date: August 30

Yeah, it came out at the end of August, but it deserves mention among these September releases. HNGRY showcased TiRon, Ayomari and the collective of artists known as the Cafeteria Line. The refreshing quality of this album was the varying sounds and styles of the artists. Staying in line with the album title and the collective’s name the $7 download goes to a good cause in the form of the LA Midnight Mission, whose primary purpose is to get the homeless off of Skid Row.

Release Date: September 4

This album leaked in December 2011 on a Bandcamp page and was rumored to as a Blu & Exile album recorded in 2009. The rumor was true, it was mostly recoredd in 2009, but the leaked version was a poor quality, unfinished product. The “new” Give Me My Flowers is now mixed, mastered, and features rehashed production and hooks on some songs. If you enjoyed Below The Heavens this may remind you a lot of that album.

Release Date: September 25

I posted the sample used in “The Diet” last week and mentioned the consistency train staying on track for Freddie Gibbs. On Baby Face Killa, Gibbs does this by continuing to spit the gritty lyrics about the streets and adds new wrinkles by including a few slower paced songs with R&B hooks. Gibbs teams up with a couple artists who he’s been compared to with Krayzie Bone on “Kush Cloud” and Z-Ro on Boxframe Cadillac (’83 DeVille Mix). This tape is the perfect stepping stone for his CTE debut album in the near future.

Standouts: The Diet, The Hard, Boxframe Cadillac (’83 DeVille Mix)

Release Date: September 26

Anything with a hint of Jamiroquai has my ear. The infectious and bouncy vibes of the UK acid jazz band can always brighten up a dreary day or provide a moment of introspection. New Zealand native, David Dallas credits Jamiroquai’s music to opening his tastes outside of rap and R&B. All six songs on this EP included samples or interpolations of the pioneering acid jazz band’s music.

Release Date: September 26

I Still Got That Dro. Day One. Black Boy White Boy. Mixtapes from Young Dro tapes that are examples of his talent. Young Dro is like that athlete, who you’ve seen have good seasons and perform well, but can’t recreate those success year after year. Ralph Lauren Reefa was mostly a dud. Burn One produced three songs on this mixtape, but even that couldn’t save Dro. The standouts were the ones featuring either Mac Boney & Decatur Slim, by far.

Standout Tracks: On Set, I’m Wit It, Vatican


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