DJ Drama’s "Clouds" and the Influence of DJs

In the past few years, DJ Drama & DJ Khaled have been two major names in hip-hop when it comes to DJs and their ability to recruit artists for their star studded albums. To some the concept and hearing same cast of characters has become redundant, but the opportunity to hear a lot of the biggest names on tracks together is still a treat to most fans.

The of concept of DJs releasing studio albums and  recruiting the biggest names isn’t new at all. Go back to the 90s and early 2000s when Funkmaster Flex released his Mix Tape series, or 2001 when Greg Street’s Six O’Clock, Vol. 1 boasted some of the biggest names from the South at the time. DJ Clue’s The Professional series is probably the forerunner to the Drama & Khaled albums we’ve heard since 2005. Other DJs such as The Alchemist and Statik Selektah are among the many who have continued the trend.

While DJs aren’t the stars they were in the early days of hip-hop, these retail albums still show the influence and importance they hold in breaking new music and getting artists together on songs.

“Clouds” is the latest leak from DJ Drama’s upcoming album Quality Street Music, this soung features R&B singer Miguel on the hook and Rick Ross, Curren$y, and Pusha T with verses. Frequent Drama collaborator V12 The Hitman produced the track which features a sample of Tom Brock’s “I Love You More and More.” The song was also notably sampled in “The Panties” by Mos Def.

Quality Street Music drops October 2.

 Tom Brock – I Love You More and More
DJ Drama ft. Rick Ross, Miguel, Curren$y, and Pusha T – Clouds
prod. by V12 the Hitman


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