More Colors

 elZhi – More Colors

On any given day we come across a myriad of colors. There are variations of Red, Green, and Blue that we may come across again or only see once. It’s fascinating how light reflecting off an object can produce such a aesthetically appetizing display.   

 On the DJ Spinna produced “More Colors,” elZhi visits different hues in the color spectrum. The song is a continuation of a song called “Colors” that was featured on elZhi’s 2008 debut The Preface.  This version, featured on Spinna’s 2009 album Sonic Smash, has a more serious tone production wise as the Detroit repper speaks on plight and happenings of the inner city. This song just shows how many phrases we have in the English language that are described using colors and how we substitute  colors for the common names of things.


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