Seu Jorge’s cover of Everybody Loves The Sunshine

I’ve been making a conscious effort to expand my musical horizons outside of the artists I post on here and what I generally listen to.

The homie Shad B spent some time in Brazil this summer and sent me a few YouTube links of Brazilian artists to check out. Seu Jorge was was one of the artists he sent over and probably my favorite based on the songs I heard.

In 2010, Seu Jorge along with band Almaz (Pupillo, Lucio Maia, Antonio Pinto) released an eponymous album of covers of Brazilian songs and a couple songs from the United States.

One song that caught my ear was the cover of Roy Ayers’ classic “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.” A tad slower paced than the original, this version is unique due to Jorge’s deep, gravelly voice and the instrumentation. Different? Yes, but no doubt this song did the original justice.

It seems like I can’t get away from the music I like, but definitely expect to see more music from Brazilian artists on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Seu Jorge’s cover of Everybody Loves The Sunshine

  1. Interesting. That was chill.

    Speaking of Brazil I was talking to my boy just last week about how my favorite language to hear hip-hop in outside of English is Portuguese (I imagine Brazilian Portuguese is different from that of Portugal's though).

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