Daily Routine x The Highways of My Life

 Last week I gave another listen to Joey Bada$$’s 1999. For the most part the songs that stood out to me on the first few listens were the same ones that stood out on the most recent listen. “Waves” and “Survival Tactics” were still the standouts, but another song, track 10 “Daily Routine” piqued my interest and my ear. The synthesizer and underlying drums passed the whip test with flying colors. Listening to the song about 20 times and the interest in finding more about it prompted me to go on a search…

…0.37 seconds later (according to Google)

I came across a video (above) of the studio session and it was interesting to see how Joey Bada$$ chose the beat right after Chuck Strangers played it for him. Strangers sampled “The Highways In My Life” by The Isley Brothers. Coincidentally, the subject matter in both songs center around life. In “Highways of My Life” it’s about staying in your lane more or less and “Daily Routine” the come up as a 17 year old rapper.           

Some say his 90’s flow and production choice is contrived and I can see the basis of that assessment, but he has the tools to have a great career.

As a bonus, here’s a link to Zo! an Darien Brockington’s cover of “The Highways In My Life”  from Zo!’s …just visiting too EP, released in 2009.

 Joey Bada$$ – Daily Routine
prod. by Chuck Strangers

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