Make Me A Fool

 The Foreign Exchange ft. Jesse Boykins III and Median – Make Me A Fool

“Make Me A Fool” by The Foreign Exchange shuffled on my iPhone earlier today and it reminded me how dope the blend of the styles of Phonte, Jesse Boykins III, and Median were on this track.

While the song is strong outside of the entire album setting, its true value is shown in the context of the album. Authenticity, in a tidy 11 tracks, describes the ending of a relationship, the blossoming of a new one and the accompanying emotions and feelings. It’s a true album in regards to cohesion and sequencing. While it wasn’t as critically acclaimed as the Grammy Nominated Leave It All Behind, it was a true testament to the growth in songwriting by Phonte and an example of Nicolay’s shift to electronic tinged production.
With that said, I hope Nicolay & Phonte stick to their biennial 4th quarter release of a new FE album.


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