Samples from Harlem Nights

Last week, I was checking out the Netflix Watch Instantly stream selections. I’ve been watching a lot of Eddie Murphy movies lately so I decided to continue the trend and watch Harlem Nights. The 1989 Razzie Award winning film was directed by Murphy and starred a slew of comedians, including Richard Pryor, Robin Harris, Redd Foxx, and Arsenio Hall.

As I was watching I heard two sound bites from the movie that had been used in songs I was familiar with. The first was “Quick you’re not a f*cking gangster, you’re not” which DJ Quik used at the beginning of his 1995 song “Safe + Sound.” I couldn’t find the clip from the movie on YouTube, but you can hear it in the beginning of the song below.

The other clip is a line from Della Reese, when she talked about the prowess of one of the females in her brothel. TiRon & Ayomari took out one word and made the line tie in better with the topic of “Her Theme Song.” [Skip to 2:40 to hear the sample]

DJ Quik – Safe + Sound
prod. by DJ Quik
“Sunshine” clip from Harlem Nights

 TiRon & Ayomari – Her Theme Song
prod. by D.K.

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