Sometimes you hear a pairing or relationship of two things and you think, “that would never work.” Think about a dish like chicken and waffles. Whoever thought up that combo was probably clowned until everybody tried it out and loved it.
Musically, R&B lyrics over bass heavy production doesn’t sound too appealing on paper. Would it sound raunchy and oversexualized like something Pretty Ricky would do? Or just fail altogether?  

Well, think again, it can and DOES sound great. Columbus, Ohio native, Rashad  found the perfect balance on his mixtape Museum. He held down production on Stalley’s Lincoln Way Nights which drew me into this project.

Museum is a mesh of rapping, singing, and 808 laced production, sprinkled with samples of artists and groups like Jodeci and Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band.

Rashad combines personal stories and uplifting lyrics to craft his self described opus. This is the type of project I throw on every device I have, iPhone, computer, PS3, I might even burn it to a CD or two.

After listening to this 18 track mixtape, you definitely won’t knock any unfamiliar combination before you try it.

Standout Tracks: The Return, How I Feel, Be True, For The Life of Me

Bonus: I didn’t realize it until I was doing some research, but a couple years ago,  I posted a song Rashad produced called, “Marlee.” It’s from a mixtape by a group he’s a member of called The 3rd.


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