I Feel Like I’m The One Who’s Doin Dope

We’ve all had dreams, or nightmares, that seem so real they wake us from our sleep. The classic ones where somebody’s chasing and you trip and fall or the type of  dream that someone bursts into your room and startles you out of your sleep.

Just the thoughts of dreams and how vivid they can be, brought to mind Pimp C’s solo track on Too Hard To Swallow, “I Feel Like I’m The One Who’s Doin Dope.”

The familiar hook is sampled from Scarface’s line in the song’s predecessor (subject wise), “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” by The Geto Boys. The bassline is a sample of “6 O’Clock DJ (Let’s Rock)” by Rose Royce.

The six minute track is Pimp C’s six minute, vivid recountal of murder and an escape from a mental hospital amongst other things, which all turn out to be a dream.

In their early years, Pimp and Bun’s music contained shocking content, that could be easily placed in the “horrorcore” genre, as evidenced in the Banned EP.  Although the topics in the songs were vile, when I hear some of their early music it amazes me they were in their late teenage years when they recorded the albums.

You may have never had a dream as crazy as Pimp C’s or any experiences like Willie D, Bushwick Bill, and Scarface, but no doubt we’ve all had dreams that made us feel like we were on drugs.

 Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me
UGK – I Feel Like I’m The One Who’s Doin Dope

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