Good Morning Neighbor

Another morning joint

Blu’s “Good Morning Neighbor” made its way onto my morning playlist a couple months ago and reminded me of how much I enjoy his music.

Despite his talent as an MC, Blu has been catching a lot of flack recent years. From releases with the sound quality of cassette tapes to his experimental LP NoYork!, to this video from a couple weeks that showed a fan confronting him on stage for a lazy performance. Some of the criticism is warranted and some of it isn’t. The man has released 20+  projects since he splashed onto the scene with Below The Heavens in 2007. It seems like since then his career has been predicated on matching the quality of BTH. Unfair? Maybe, but it doesn’t take away from the great music he brings.

Give Me My Flowers, While I Can Smell Them appeared out of nowhere in late December on a Bandcamp page, which has since been deleted, but a Google search will lead you to sites to download and stream. The album was recorded back in 2009, so it has that Blu & Exile sound from the BTH time frame.

“Good Morning Neighbor” samples the familiar theme song of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and displays the chemistry Blu and Exile have. Hopefully another album is on the horizon.

 Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Theme Song

Blu – Good Morning Neighbor
prod. by Exile

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