Dwele’s "Hold On (Extended Remix)"

Dwele ft. Kanye West and Consequence – Hold On (Extended Remix)

“Hold On” was the second single from Dwele’s 2003 debut album, Subject. This extended remix featuring Kanye West and Consequence was released in 2004 on a vinyl single by Virgin Records.

It’s one of those lesser known remixes you stumble upon on YouTube or find while checking Discogs. Outside of Dwele’s work on Graduation and MBDTF I didn’t know he and Kanye had worked together previously.

The remix is more upbeat than the original and Dwele’s lyrics remain mostly unchanged, Consequence provided a solid verse, but Kanye’s verse has always been the standout to me.

Kanye’s clever verse includes magazine titles in (almost) every line to further his point.

…Back in the Chi my life like a magazine
Honey wanna know the details about my Ebony
Well that’s X-X-L
Far as the Penthouse, yeah that’s Upscale
Mademoiselle got a hell of a Black Tail
I’m feeling her Vibe, her Body & Soul
I heard you stay in a Metropolitan Home
Well let’s kill all the parlay’in and offer you a Cosmopolitan
Lets JET out the club, get some Oxygen
Your friends claim I’m a player, you be lucky to keep me
But you know People gon’ be talking ’bout US Weekly
My car be, in a robbery, P-O-R-T but what’s more important to me
Is that you…

Nobody will forget him stealing the mic from Taylor Swift at the VMAs or his other publicized antics. But we can’t forget about the show (song) stealing verses either.


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