Coulda Been

I’ll let the music do most of the talking in this post…

The sample, “Mother’s Theme (Mama)” by Willie Hutch is a beautiful. It doesn’t matter what you religious or spiritual beliefs are, but the song is just a moving tribute to any mother. It appeared on the 1973 soundtrack for The Mack.

“Coulda Been” is one Lu’s earliest songs, on it he explains all the things he could be doing if he wasn’t rapping.  A trash man, a real estate agent, paralyzed, or even incarcerated. The song describes life, the twists and turns, and more than anything the beauty of life.We have the chance to be ANYTHING we want to be.

You have the opportunity to do what you want and be what you want to be everyday, go out and do it!

Willie Hutch – Mother’s Theme (Mama)
Lupe Fiasco – Coulda Been

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