Trying Girls Out

 The Persuaders – Trying Girls Out

I don’t usually talk much about relationships on the blog, but this song shuffled up the other day and I HAD to post it.

The song, “Trying Girls Out” is one I can relate to.  It’s simple, I’m not in a rush to be in a long term relationship and I’m just playing the field. Call me old, but it’s crazy how a damn near 40 year old song describes me in 2012. I figure I have another 5-7 years to step back, play the field, and see what type of females I’m really interested in. As the lyrics in the song say, “Ain’t gonna say my nose can’t be open, right now it’s just too many fine ladies out there to choose ONE from…”

The thing I like about this song is that it’s honest. It’s more candid and forthcoming than the pimp or playa songs of the in present day songs with similar subject matter, where the artist might objectify or disrespect women to show they don’t need them.

With that said, take a listen, if you’re a male this might be your theme song and if you’re a female just think of this song as a peek into the male psyche.


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