N.C. State of Mind

This mixtape was released in 2003 and contains some early Justus League music. N.C. State of Mind features production from Khrysis and 9th Wonder, and lyrics all MCs in 12 man crew.      

I’ve familiarized myself with the Justus League discography the past few years and listening to their music now and then going and back and listening to this, I would describe this mixtape as quintessential J League and a good starting point if you aren’t familair with the artists.

You’ll hear an early version of “Nic’s Groove” by The Foreign Exchange, “Give A Little Bit” a track by Median and J League affiliate Joe Scudda describing their stories of getting at females at the club, and other songs by the rest of the Tar Heel State crew.

The Justus League is now more of a loose collective instead of the formidable musical brotherhood that it used to be, but it’s cool to hear what once was.

*This is a two disc tape, disc 1 is 18 tracks and disc 2 is 15 tracks. The MP3s are properly tagged and everything. 


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