I’ve always enjoyed beat tapes. Hearing a producer’s work without any vocals over it allows you to pinpoint subtle intricacies in their style you usually don’t hear when somebody is spittin’ over their production. Not only can you breakdown a producer’s work, but beat tapes are also good soundtracks for working around the house, typing up a paper, or just browsing around the Internet.

The thing I really like about this beat tape is that it doesn’t sound “Chuck Inglish.” Like if I put this in for somebody who’s familiar with his production they probably couldn’t tell it was him. For the most part it’s not 808 heavy like his production with The Cool Kids or the stuff he produces for other artists. Subtle snare kicks and vocal samples from Marvin Gaye, OutKast, and Pimp C make WRKING. a beat tape you can chill out to.

Another reason I f*cks with this tape is the title, because I will definitely be working (harder) the next few months.

Graduation is on the horizon…almost time to be welcomed into the Mad Real World.


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