A ride in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Don’t front, you watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood growing up. From the assortment of sweaters, the toss of the shoe from one hand to the other, the tr the show was definitely a part of many childhoods for 3 decades.

Take a ride through Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood with me.

Ok. I’m not talking about the late Fred Rogers. It’s actually Houston DJ, Mr. Rogers and the interlude “Riding In Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” from Settle 4 Le$ Vol. 2.

I’ve always compared the manner in which music artists work to visual artists. Much like a visual artist has a blank canvas to create a masterpiece, a musician has that as well. Using their voice, instrument, or machine as the paintbrush, the musical artist  crafts a piece of art to be consumed by the masses.

On Le$’ last mixtape Settle 4 Le$ Vol. 2, DJ Mr. Rogers blended and sampled four (?) different songs to serve as soundtrack for your ride through the neighborhood. The seamless transition and overlapping of the songs is a display of his talent on the boards. If you aren’t familiar with his production credits, check them out.        

Check out the samples from “Riding In Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,” in the order they appear on the song. I feel like a missed a sample or two, notably the “I go hard” vocal sample, it sounds like 8Ball, but it could be Waka. I’m not sure. Drop the omissions, if any, in the comment box.

Andre 3000 – Prototype

UGK – Pocket Full of Stones
MC Eiht – All for The Money
Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime
Mr. Rogers – Riding In Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (Interlude)

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