Nurture yo brain(child)

Society of Soul – Brainchild

“I just wanna learn something”

I just wanna learn something everyday. Academic careers and formal schooling eventually end for all of us, but we never stop learning. Many have tried to “capture” the meaning of life in a song, a book, or a simple quote, but the thirst for knowledge, learning new things, and then sharing what you’ve learned with others could be the meaning of life.

When talking about the depth of the Dungeon Family catalog, the Society of Soul album isn’t brought up enough. Sure, it didn’t move units and wasn’t a rap album like the albums that preceded it, but  it is definitely in the Top 8-10 of my favorite Dungeon Fam albums. The title track, “Brainchild,” primarily features one of Big Rube’s inspirational spoken word pieces about how knowledge can prevent us from making bad decisions and how we must “feed” our brain. It’s a positive, inspirational, thought-provoking piece.

“Nurture yo brainchild, protect yo soul, nurture yo brainchild may we ALL grow”


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