Meet PianOwned: Hip-Hop and R&B Piano Covers

PianOwned’s cover of Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco

There are definitely some talented musicians on YouTube, every once in a while I dedicate a couple hours to listening to covers and original songs by talented singers, pianists, and other instrumentalists.

I came across the page of PianOwned, a piano teacher from Birmingham, England over the summer. I rediscovered his page a few weeks ago and listened to his covers of various songs for an hour. Take a look at his page and you’ll hear covers of songs by artists like Dwele, Lupe Fiasco, J Dilla, and D’Angelo. The interpretations are perfect if you’re looking to hear some relaxing instrumentation. He doesn’t limit it to just the R&B and rap joints either, there are some nice covers of Oasis and Foo Fighters songs as well. 
So before you brush off YouTube musicians, browse around, listen for a few minutes and you might hear something you like.


3 thoughts on “Meet PianOwned: Hip-Hop and R&B Piano Covers

  1. Hi Rome, thanks for the appreciation! It's a strange thing really performing music on Youtube. I guess I first got into it because it allowed me to re-explore my love of neo soul music. I gave away my old CD collection, so youtube gave me easy access to music I hadn't heard for years. It was great to find so many other fans of e.g. Dwele, and I found another youtuber from the UK – Nanakojo – with some very popular covers of neo soul/rap (think he's taking a break from youtube just now though). I just thought I would try doing some piano covers of music I liked that hadn't been covered before, and see what happens. To be honest i've been surprised that so many people like hearing piano versions (as opposed to the real thing, or covers with singing). But the appreciation and support is such a great motivation to continue on a musical journey. . . My videos vary in quality, as sometimes i've just improvised them without much preparation. Also my old mic wasn't so great, and more recently i've started using my Blackberry to record some videos as it's quicker. Anyway. . .there's probably lots more I could say about music, youtube, neo soul, hip hop etc but I'll stop there. . .Thanks again. I hope to look at your blog more in future as I'd like to learn from someone else who has started delving deeper into the music as you put it!

  2. Thanks for commenting!

    YouTube is a wonderful medium to hear music, I've discovered more music from there than anywhere else. I remember Nanakojo! I had a few of his videos favorited. I think I prefer piano covers over vocal covers because there's much more room for improvisation and wrinkles you might be able to throw into the interpretation. Plus, how many people can say they've heard a piano cover of their favorite songs?

    Keep up the good work!

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