Year 2 of Product of My Opinion: Decisions, Decisions

Two years later and I’m still here!

I’m still bweavin! (c) AZ

My blog isn’t anywhere near the one’s I mentioned in my post last year, but  if a few people read everyday I’m satisfied. I post when I can, while still trying to balance school and everything else going on in life. It’s all good, I can’t complain! I’ll still keep posting as long as people keep reading and click those links.

Now for the music…

The song “Decisions, Decisions” has no correlation to my blog being two years old. I just felt it was appropriate to recognize Cee-Lo Green’s years as a rapper. His acclaim as a singer and songwriter is warranted, the man is talented, but people forget and probably don’t know he started out as a rapper. He’s been doing the singing thing for most of his career, but his verse on “Decisions, Decisions” is a memorable one. According to the verse, this music industry isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Nothin’ but them Goodie!


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