Morning Glory x Heaven Can Wait

My previous post was about Cold Day In Hell and so is this one. When I listened to the mixtape for the first time I enjoyed it from track 1 to 16. On first listen I just wanted to hear the lyrics and production, I usually save the breakdowns and criticism for subsequent listens. I got to track 15 and I immediately realized what song was sampled, Jamiroquai’s “Morning Glory.” When I saw the producer(s) for the track I wasn’t surprised to see Beatnick & K-Salaam were behind the boards. For the past 5+ years the duo has teamed up to release a studio album and a slew of other projects, production credits, and remix albums. Check their work on Freddie Gibbs’ “Heaven Can Wait.”

prod. by Beatnick & K-Salaam

One thought on “Morning Glory x Heaven Can Wait

  1. Great find dude, I knew I knew that sample and probably owned the cd. Yeah I got it, love that sone, love what gibbs did. Major fan of your insight!

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