Cold Day In Hell

Gibbs has done it again. Cold Day In Hell is another solid project. This time around he hooked up with artists like Dom Kennedy, Tity Boi, and Alley Boy for the first time and the results didn’t disappoint. Go back to his mixtapes from the Interscope days to the recent tapes and you can hear the steady growth and experimentation in delivery and song type. “Natural High (Even Higher Learning)” is a tribute to his beloved Mary, while “My Homeboy’s Girlfriend” is a story about an unfortunate love triangle. The lyrics and production are Str8 Slammin as always. Producers on CDH include Cardo, Burn One, and Beatnick & K-Salaam. 
More from this tape coming REAL soon…
Standout Tracks: Rob Me A N**ga, Anything To Survive, Twos and Fews, B.A.N.ned, Menace II Society, Neighborhood Hoez

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