What ever happened to Remy Shand?

The Way I Feel
Take A Message

The year was 2002, a gallon of gas cost about half the amount it does now and the Lakers were in the midst of a 3 peat. Albums like Ashanti’s self-titled debut, India.Arie’s Voyage to India, and Life Goes on by Donell Jones made their mark on the R&B charts. While it didn’t make a huge mark on the charts like the aforementioned albums, Remy Shand’s The Way I Feel went gold in the US and platinum in Canada.

Along with Justin Timberlake with Justified and Robin Thicke’s Cherry Blue Skies (released in 2003), Shand’s album signaled a resurgence of  blue eyed soul similar to the 70s and 80s. Many people, myself included, remember him “Take A Message,” but the title track “The Way I Feel” and “Rocksteady” also showcased the talents of the Canadian born singer and multi-instrumentalist. Since the album was released, Shand has dropped off the map. Numerous queries into his whereabouts turn up nothing. Blog posts, threads on message boards, and tweets, still nothing.

The question remains, where is Remy Shand?


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