The Letters Game

Courtesy of Nir Torber
One of the first lessons taught in our early years is the memorization of the alphabet. Every word we say, type, or write has some connection to the 26 letters we learned when we were just toddlers.

Check after the jump to hear songs and one spoken word piece that creatively utilize the 26 letter English alphabet.

Blackalicious – A2G
Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2½ Minute Workout)

“A to G” and “Alphabet Aerobics” both showcase Gift of Gab’s rapid flow. In “Alphabet Aerobics” Gift of Gab stretched, warmed up, and performed his lyrical exercise over the Cut Chemist laced track.

Papoose – Alphabetical Slaughter 

Love him or hate him, you have to appreciate Papoose’s “Alphabetical Slaughter.” In just under 5 minutes he went through all 26 letters and then went through the alphabet backwards for a few letters. It was definitely one of his songs that made me think he was the next best thing out of New York. That was 2005. It’s now 2011 and still no Nacirema Dream. Oh well…

Masta Ace – Alphabet Soup

Probably the most underrated out of these alaphabet songs is Masta Ace’s “Aphabet Soup” from his 2001 album Disposable Arts. The song is nice, but it is simply a small part of bigger piece in an album that details the story of young man recently released from prison.

Big Rube – Alphabet Acrobat

I ain’t gonna lie, I wake up some mornings and try to recite this piece by the Dungeon Family’s poet laureate. I mess up around ‘J,’ but it’s still a powerful piece. Big Rube performed it on on the second season of Def Poetry back in 2003.


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