A Couple Random Joints

 Slum Village ft. J. Isaac and Kurupt – It’z Your World
Reggie B & Miles Bonny – My Sunshine

My apologies for posts being far and few between the past month, but more posts are on the way! In the meantime I’ll drop off a couple songs I’ve been listening to and how I came across them.

The past few weeks I’ve been getting acclimated with a new laptop and trying to get my library in order. When it comes to organizing my music, everything has to correct, year, album, album art contributing artists, genre, etc. With file sharing and loose MP3s there’s bound to be a few tracks that don’t fit the aforemtnioned specifications, so I went on a YouTube/Google hunt to find out the name of a few songs in particular. One was a Slum Village song erroneously titled “Perks.” After a little searching I found out the title was “It’z Your World” and was released on a compilation titled Prequel to a Classic.

Another song I was searching for was “My Sunshine” by Reggie B and Miles Bonny. I heard it on an episode of Gordon Gartrell Radio in February 2009 and gave up on the search for the song sometime later that year. The song crossed my mind last week and I hit YouTube to look for it and I found it!

Small victories in an otherwise uneventful week. 


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