T.I. is set to be released from Forrest City Correctional Facility tomorrow. He assured everyone he was reformed after his 2009-10 stint, but that wasn’t true, evidenced by his September 2010 arrest. Honestly, after the dud that was No Mercy, I’m not really looking forward to anything by Cliff. Despite that I can look back on his run during the last decade and say he was one of the more consistent rappers in hip-hop. How many artists can boast five platinum albums in a row? While many know him as the trap mainstay from Bankhead, “Limelight” was a track that showcased T.I. and P$C’s slick rhymes about fame and the women that are attracted by the lifestyle. Frequent collaborator Khao produced the track, which samples “I’ll Never Let You Go” by The Sylvers. Skip ahead to 3:33 to hear the sampled portion of the song.

prod. by Khao

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