Stoned In A Stang

Back in May I posted a track, “Almost Famous,” by Atlanta rapper Will. In November he was Stoned on Marta, now he’s taken his talents to a Mustang and is sparkin’ up that loud in one of Ford’s 4th generation muscle cars. Stoned In A Stang includes nine new songs, while Introspective Minds provided the canvas for Will to paint his portraits about real life sh*t.

Among the topics are relationship problems,”We Need To Talk” features a sample of “Butterfly” by Jamiroquai and is an example of the common man rap that Will spits. If you want to hear someone rapping about a life they don’t live, look elsewhere, but if you want hear somebody spitting about day to day life and stuff you can relate to, then give Stoned In A Stang a few listens.

Stream or download the whole project above.

Standout Tracks: Day In The Life, Stoned In A Stang, We Need, Point B (Outro)

Follow Will on Twitter and check out the “Almost Famous” video on YouTube


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