Sampling of "Madera" by Bobby Hutcherson

Bobby Hutcherson

There’s always been something about producers, rappers, singers, and artists in general that I’ve admired. Their ability to continually craft creative works without repeating the same formula and sound never ceases to amaze me. Two producers can take one song and sample different portions and add their own twist, providing the listener a chance to form their own opinion of what’s being heard.

“Montara” by Bobby Hutcherson is a song that has been sampled a few times by different producers and for the most part they all sound somewhat different from each other. After the jump, check out two songs that sample “Montara.”

Last month on Twitter, I tweeted about how much I had been listening to “Growin Pains” by OverDoz. At the the time, the unknown sample drew me in, but as I listened more the lyrics reminded me of the growing pains I’m experiencing. The Calmatic directed visuals reminded me of something The Pharcyde would’ve done in ’96.

Stalley’s flow is more spoken word over instrumentation than rapping per se, but the J Rawls produced “Babblin” is a display of his versatility. The measured tempo of “Montara” is a compliment to Stalley’s style, which makes “Babblin” one of the 330 native’s standout songs.

prod. by J Rawls

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